MARCH 2020

Muzeo Open Book Series featuring authors Liska Jacobs, Lance Charnes, and Caitlin Rother hosted by Maddie Margarita (Lit Up!OC)!
3/11-3/15 LEFT COAST CRIME 2020 Murder’s A Beach San Diego, CA with Caitlin Rother, James Bartlett, Julia Brickin, & Scott Decker
3/24 LIT UP!OC  Tustin, CA  with Authors Gayle Carline, Greta Boris& Matthew Stern
3/28 OPEN BOOKS – MUSEO ART MUSEUM, Anaheim CA with Authors Caitlin Rother, Liska Jacobs, and Lance Charnes
3/04  LITERARY ORANGE with Newport Beach, CA with Elizabeth Little and Emily Beyda
Maddie Margarita, Liska Jacobs, Saul Lelchuk & Jennifer Wolfe

Past Events